PFLAGers know that one voice can change the world and often have the honor of witnessing that change one heart, one mind at a time.  The power of these many voices woven together tell a compelling and beautiful story of love, family, affirmation and equality for all that is not only changing lives, they are changing laws all over this country. PFLAG advocates for LGBTQ equality through civil rights legislation and legal protections.  PFLAG members at the national level as well as the local level, share family voices to amplify the message that PFLAG's values are America's values, love is love, family is family, and marriage is marriage.

We at The Cape Fear Chapter of PFLAG believe that hatred thrives where love is silent.  As parents, family members and straight allies of LGBTQ people, we speak out about issues that affect our LGBTQ loved ones.  Advocating involves speaking out with pride, not only to our families, friends and neighbors, but to elected officials, corporate leaders and others in positions to lead the way in changing hearts and minds.