We have all heard myths about homosexuality and gender identity. You may have heard
some of these myths and untruths and maybe even believed some of them. We absorb
these myths almost without knowing it, from television and movies, from conversations
with friends, from sound bites on the news, from political debates, and from our
churches, synagogues, and mosques.

These false beliefs and the lack of knowledge and understanding can cause immense pain
in those we love. It can devalue and lessen the importance of our lives, our families, and
our communities.

It is important that we learn reliable, fact-based information. That is why education is
such an important part of PFLAG’s work. Education begins by unlearning the myths of
homosexuality and by learning valid, verifiable information. This understanding results in
strengthening and enriching our relationship with our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,
and questioning (LGBTQ) family and friends.

PFLAG Wilmington is working to change these misconceptions and create a society that
recognizes the full range of human diversity. By changing hearts and minds one person at
a time, we, as a society, will embrace and champion all LGBTQ individuals.