Keeping relationships strong and families together when someone comes out is one of
PFLAG Wilmington’s most important activities. Helping parents when they find out that
a child is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) by being there to answer
questions and offering support is an essential and important aspect of what PFLAG is all

Sharing our experiences with other families helps them know that they are not alone in
their struggle to understand. Sharing our experiences provides a way to begin the journey
of understanding. As the journey moves us forward, we celebrate the unique gifts our gay
children bring to our lives and to this world.

An equally important part of the PFLAG support is by directly helping LGBT individuals
when they experience difficulties coming out and finding acceptance from their families.
Coming out is a process that can be very difficult and distressing as well as liberating. At
PFLAG Wilmington, we understand the journey that LGBT people go through as they
accept themselves and come out to others. We are here for support and offer
unconditional love as they move forward through the process.